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Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
thesmt lost game one last night to the yankees. 7-2. you know they really want to even up that series before it heads to new york tomorrow. first pitch tonight at 8:07. now, to the redskins. and the cooley report. chris cooley is back at the studios, while dan is in st. louis. and dan should be a little nervous, chris, because i think you look very good in the studios in that chair. >> i don't think dan can ever be nervous. he does a tremendous job. he's my news idol. dan hellie. i'm excited for week three of the cooley report. i'm excited to be in the studio. i did not want to be outside the redskins park today. it's cold. and we don't have great news from washington. another tough loss. eight losses in a row. unacceptable. >> isn't that ridiculous? it is. they don't know what's going on. let's start with the latest about rg3. a mild concussion yesterday. have you had one of those? i know there's no such thing as a mild concussion. that's the diagnosis. what's that like? >> i have had a concussion before. what all players go through is a baseline testing at the beginning of the seaso
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
you, jackie. >>> up in new york, the orioles play their game three against the yankees tonight. tonight's game, 7:30. that series is tied up at one game apiece. >>> we have breaking news in northeast d.c. right now, police are on the scene of a shooting, and so is shomari stone. >> reporter: northeast 8th street. you can see the yellow crime scene tape here. it's extending all across the street here like a web of yellow tape. and basically we're hearing d.c. police say they received a call around 4:00 about a person being shot. a witness told me that he heard five shots, and police were here in less than 20 seconds. now, police found a man here on the scene. he's in critical condition. homicide detectives are out here. they don't have a motive, they don't have any suspects right now. police are talking to witnesses, gathering more details. i walked down the street here and saw a woman sitting on a porch with a man, hugging her. she had a very sad look on her face, but of course, homicide detectives are out here gathering details, trying to figure out exactly what happened. chie
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2